• Wazoogles Protein Blends
  • Wazoogles Protein Blends
  • Wazoogles Protein Blends
  • Wazoogles Protein Blends
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Wazoogles Protein Blends

R 29.00


Wazoogles Superfood Protein Shake is a delicious blend of some of the most vibrant and nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Every scoop is bursting with antioxidants, living enzymes, essential minerals, plant-based protein, and a wide spectrum of vital nutrients, yet is completely free of added sugars, chemicals, colourants, flavourants, or fillers. Ideal as a quick breakfast smoothie or meal replacement, or alternatively as a pre/post workout shake for sustained energy and optimum recovery. Perfect for elevating your daily nutrition intake or to use as high performance athletic fuel.

Each serving has been carefully formulated to nourish your body at a cellular level and support overall health through helping to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce cravings, and provide sustained energy.  

Suitable For Vegans
Sugar Free
No Preservatives
Gluten Free

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