• The Executive Box
  • The Executive Box
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The Executive Box

R 792.00


We don't mess around when it comes to our Executive Box. Some serious snacks in here!

 1x 250g Beef Biltong

1x 250g Game Biltong

1x 130g Snap Stix

1 x Kudu Loop

1x Beef Loop

1x 200g Mixed Nuts - Roasted and Salted

1x 200g Peanuts- Roasted and Salted

1x 200g Yoghurt Coated Almonds

1x 100g Dried Mango

1x 125g Banana Chips

1x 200g Corn Nuts

1x 80g Pretzels

1x 200g Jelly Beans

1x 200g Wine Gums

1x 70g Caramelized Popcorn

1x Pate

1x Angel Biscuits

1x Japanese Crackers

1x Trail Mix