Slivers Favourite Recipes

  • No Bake Cashew Cookies

      Ingredients 12 servings 200g Cashew nuts pieces210g Unsweetened dates   Method Grind the cashews in a food processor until fine powder. Add the dates and continue to blend until smooth. Combine the mixture in a bowl and mix it using hands to form a sticky paste. Line a food container or a bakin... View Post
  • Biltong and Bacon Dip

      Ingredients   1x table spoon canola oil125g bacon1 tub of cream cheese6 table spoons of biltong powder2 tspoons Dijon mustardSlice the bacon into little pieces and fry the bacon In the oil. In a food processor, blend the balance of the ingredients untill they are mixed well. Spoon into a servin... View Post
  • Candied Ginger Scones

      Dry Ingredients 3 cups all-purpose flour⅔ cup granulated sugar, plus extra for dusting1 tablespoon baking powder1 teaspoon ground ginger½ teaspoon saltButter 1½ sticks (12 tablespoons) cold unsalted butter, diced into small cubes Mix-Ins1 cup pecan halves, toasted and roughly chopped½ cup ra... View Post