• Droëwors - Banting
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Droëwors - Banting

R 19.00

Slivers Droëwors - Banting is carefully formulated to specifically suit those on a high fat keto/ banting diet.The fat content is 10% higher than our regular droëwors and the meat is sourced to be the highest free range quality available.

We only use pure spices which guarantees there’s no “funny stuff” in the product. No MSG, no GMO, no gluten, no rusk, no soya, no cereal and no sugar!

The product contains a hint of potassium sorbate as preservative (half a gram per kilogram of raw meat).

All Slivers Biltong & Nuts droewors biltong is available in various sizes from a 40g snack to a bulk pack of 50 sticks, ideal as a profitable resale option.