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  • Snacks to Help you Study

     Did you know some foods can help you study more efficiently? Eating well is often the last thing we prioritise when in the heat of exams or work deadlines. However, food can often be the fuel you need to elevate your mental performance. Snacks for Studying Bananas are known to improve learning a... View Post
  • Take a Hike with Slivers

    Take a Hike with Slivers With lockdown restricting most leisure activities, South African's have found their way back to nature!  Whether you love to go on a slow nature walk with the whole family, a brisk hike with your dog or a speedy trail run with friends, Slivers is here to fuel your adven... View Post
  • Health Benefits of Adding Seeds to your Diet

    Health Benefits of Adding Seeds to your Diet When added to your diet, seeds can significantly improve your health. Seeds in your diet can reduce your overall blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and can serve as a wonderful source of fibre. Therefore, seeds can reduce your chance of gettin... View Post
  • Treats Inspired by Sweet Eid

    Treats Inspired by Sweet Eid Eid al-Fitr is known as "Sweet Eid". It is a celebration that breaks a month long fast in the Muslim culture, bringing the holy month of Ramadan to an end. Did you know that all Slivers Biltong & Nuts products are Halaal? Below are just some of the delicious treat... View Post
  • Netflix & Snacks | Lockdown Edition

    Netflix & Snacks Has there ever been a more appropriate time to snuggle up on the couch with Netflix? Better yet, accompanied by your favourite Slivers Snacks? Our online store has been and will continue to deliver through the lockdown period. We deliver all across South Africa and straight t... View Post
  • Immune Boosting Nuts & Seeds

    Immune Boosting Nuts & Seeds In this time it is crucial to prioritise your health. One of the best ways to keep your immune system strong is to make healthy food choices. Nuts and Seeds are a great way to ensure your body is getting enough antioxidants and vital nutrients in order to strength... View Post