• Flavoured Olive Oil Gift Set 9 x 30ml
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Flavoured Olive Oil Gift Set 9 x 30ml

R 199.00

 9 x 30ml Flavoured Olive Oil from the Willow Creek Estate

Explore a selected superior range of flavours from around the world.

Persian Lime
Use this Persian Lime Flavoured Olive Oil to sear tuna fillet
and complement a crisp green salad.

Use this Jalapeño Flavoured Olive Oil to liven up salsas
and Mexican dishes.

Garlic Flavoured Olive Oil can be used to make aioli (this
is a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil) and
can also enhance any vegetable or meat dishes.

Use this refreshing Coriander Flavoured Olive Oil to
enhance Thai curries and Asian noodle dishes.

Blood Orange
Enjoy this sweet Blood Orange Flavoured Olive Oil with
smoked chicken salad, roasted butternut, and sweet

Use this exquisite Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil to transform
eggs, polenta, risotto, and pasta dishes from bourgeois
to regal.

Use this zesty Lemon Flavoured Olive Oil to prepare roast
chicken or to baste snoek while roasting over the coals.

Basil Flavoured Olive Oil can be used to complement
roasted tomato soup, ricotta, and tomato tartlets.

Use this Parmesan Flavoured Olive Oil to enhance pasta
dishes, crusted chicken pieces, or pork chops.