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Fruit Strips

R 10.00

Mango & Peach:

Always a winner! Our dried mango & peach fruit strip is an irresistible favourite. We put nothing but juicy mango, peach, water and a little sugar into the fruit smoothie that is then spread out and dried into our fabulous mango & peach fruit strip. It’s really like a mouthful of delicious mango and peach, just less messy!

Guava & Pear:

This product combines guava from the Western Cape and dried pears from our own valley which we blend with water and sugar until it forms a smooth fruit mixture which is then spread onto a large tray and dried slowly in an oven until they are perfectly soft, chewy and delectable!


The traditional way of making fruit rolls is given a modern twist in our Cecilia’s Farm dried fruit strips. For this product, we make a thick fruit smoothie from Royal apricots dried here on the farm, some water and a little sugar to balance the tartness of the apricots. This fruit pulp is spread out onto a baking tray and baked until it’s ready to eat. Yum!