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Afrikoa Chocolate

R 52.00


The first 'bean-to-bar' company in South Africa to produce chocolate made from cocoa, sourced directly from local African farmers.

By trading directly with the farmers, it is ensured that the freshest, finest-quality beans are used and that the locals are empowered to create their own sustainable future.

The Afrikoa cocoa beans never leave the continent. They travel just far enough to South Africa where they are transformed into the perfect chocolate bar. 

Slivers stocks the following:

80% sugar free chocolate bar.

A well-balanced bar with an incredibly smooth finish, our sugar-free chocolate is made with a special blend of Xylitol and Erythritol, this 80% chocolate has fruity flavours of raspberry, hazelnuts, low bitterness - and no weird aftertaste! It has been lab tested so it's suitable for diabetics or those following the banting diet.

*Dairy-free *Vegan friendly

70% Dark chocolate bar.

The rich Tanzanian soil the cocoa beans grow from gives our 70% dark chocolate tropical fruit flavours like ripe banana with a refreshing lime kick. You’ll also taste flavours such as dried guava roll and dried pear with a lightly toasted hazelnut finish.

*Dairy-free *Vegan friendly

55% Dark chocolate bar.

Award-winning semi sweet chocolate has a longer conching time which results in a velvety smooth, milder chocolate which is perfect for those who aren’t dark chocolate fans but still prefer a chocolate that isn’t too sweet. It has plenty of toasted almond and raisin flavours intermingled with dried fruit notes.

*Dairy-free *Vegan friendly

37% Milk chocolate bar.

Fans of fudge, caramel, burnt butter and toasted hazelnuts will love our creamy milk chocolate which is made with premium full cream milk powder and just the right amount of sweetness.

All the Afrikoa chocolate is:

Halaal and Kosher
No GMO's, additives or preservatives


*This product is heat sensitive