• biltong cake
  • biltong cake
  • biltong cake
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Biltong Cake

R 795.00

By popular demand, our biltong 'cake' is now available for sale.

Collect a constructed 'cake' at our factory or ask us to ship the kit to you, complete with full step-by-step instructions, cake stand and ribbons. Guaranteed easy-peasy!

Available in Beef, Spicy and Healthy options.

Beef option includes: 50pc Bulk Beef Dry Wors, 400g Mixed Nuts, R&S, 250g Beff Biltong

Spicy option includes: 50pc Bulk Spicy Dry Wors, 300g Wasabi Peanuts, 250g Spicy Beef Biltong

Healthy option includes: 50pc Bulk Banting Dry Wors, 400g Mixed Raw Nuts, 250g Game Biltong