Health Benefits of Adding Seeds to your Diet

Health Benefits of Adding Seeds to your Diet

When added to your diet, seeds can significantly improve your health.

Seeds in your diet can reduce your overall blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and can serve as a wonderful source of fibre. Therefore, seeds can reduce your chance of getting high cholesterol or diseases such as cancer.

If you have a vegetarian or plant-based diet, seeds can be a great source of protein. 

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How to Add Seeds to your Diet

The great thing about seeds is that they're an easy super food to add to any diet.

Just throw a handful of them in your yoghurt or morning cereal bowls or blend them in to your smoothies. You can also sprinkle them over your salads or vegetables.

If you like baking you can add them to your bread, rusk or date ball recipes.

Lastly, treat yourself by toasting your seeds in a frying pan and adding them to a roasted butternut side dish.

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