Treats Inspired by Sweet Eid

Treats Inspired by Sweet Eid

Eid al-Fitr is known as "Sweet Eid". It is a celebration that breaks a month long fast in the Muslim culture, bringing the holy month of Ramadan to an end.

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Below are just some of the delicious treats that are enjoyed during this time of celebration.

Treats Inspired by Sweet Eid


A milky drink made from vermicelli and dates.
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Shortbread cookies made with pine nuts or almonds.
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A beautifully decorated cookie made of dates and pistachios or walnuts.
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Sohan Asali

A kind of candy brittle made of honey, sugar, saffron and either almonds, cashews or pistachios.
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From the Slivers Biltong & Nuts team,
we wish a blessed Eid to you and your family.


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